My name is Denné Ahlefeld. I have been an accountant since 1998. I obtained my Certified General Accountants (“CGA”) designation in 2000 while gaining valuable tax and accounting experience in Calgary, AB. My first corporation was called Oli Nik-Pip Accounting Services Ltd. “Oli Nik-Pip”.
Oli Nik-Pip was formed in 2003 where I contracted my services to a law firm in Calgary, AB that specialized in tax law. I started there as an intermediate accountant and worked my way to managing the accounting department.

You will see accounting businesses that say they specialize in tax accounting, or, tax services, but, most of these businesses are operated by individuals that do not have an accounting designation and mostly prepare income tax returns. Most of these individuals do not have training, or, experience doing real tax planning. I am a Certified General Accountant who has spent years working at a Law firm specializing in actual tax planning. What does this mean? This means that I have been trained and am experienced in finding the best ways to meet your accounting needs, minimizing the amount of money you pay in taxes keeping more of your dollars in your pocket.